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    MME 4.5 is a series of seminars that bring together music, media and entertainment tech start-ups, serial entrepreneurs, investors, and key industry players to share knowledge, discuss strategies for business success, debate market trends and evolution, as well as network.


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    MME 4.5 VideoVision

    28 November 2019, London

    Lewis Silkin offices, 5 Chancery Lane, London

    A vision of the future: the rise and rise of audio-visual


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  • The Power of Audio-Visual


    Video is ubiquitous across the web and all the tech majors are betting big on their video offering, as well as an increasing number of apps, services and communications being delivered in varying video formats. All of the major content studios and platforms are doubling down on their Audio-Visual services to provide compelling content for every context.

    Video serves as a versatile and entertaining form of communication and engagement: it communicates quickly without the need to read text, and can layer text on to visual and audio delivery. As ‘the next billion’ are about to join the internet, video is a key tool for those who don’t read well.
    How will this vision of the future change the digital economics of the various media and entertainment industries? Under what circumstances are different audiences consuming video? How important is video co-creation, collaboration and immersiveness? What are the different business models to monetise video, and how to leverage and manage the rule of fanocracy – making and breaking brands, services and apps?

    Our session will explore questions such as:

    • the impact be of the next billion joining the internet on video
    • music, media and entertainment industries built from scratch…and new video formats
    • the neuropsychology of video
    • monetisation and business models - subscriptions, pay-as-you-go, AVOD, tipping…
    • personalisation
    • contextualisation


    We will announce the speakers shortly.


    For information about speaking opportunities at this seminar, please contact rassami@2pears.com.

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  • Who's attending?

    Here is a sample of companies that attended a recent MME 4.5 seminar.

    Alaraby TV Network
    Association of Independent Music
    ATC Management
    British Broadcasting Corporation

    Channel 4 Television
    Domino Recording Company Limited
    Edge Investments
    Electronic Arts Limited

    Guardian Media Group
    Insanity Talent Management
    ITV Broadcasting Limited
    Nickelodeon U.K. Limited
    Rotor Videos

    Sloop Media
    The Rattle
    The Walt Disney Company
    University of the Arts London
    VCCP Group LLP

    And more...

  • Partners

    Would you like your company to be involved as a partner or sponsor at our events, please contact Petra Johansson on +44 (0)20 3239 9325 or email petra(at)2pears(dot)com to discuss further.


    CMU is the Complete Music Update, the biggest news provider to the UK music business, covering industry, media and artist stories, big name, alternative and new talent, and with a passion for all music genres. With our core media – the CMU Daily and the CMU website – available to all for free, CMU truly brings together the wider music industry – from the leaders of the biggest music businesses to grass root labels, managers, promoters, artists and songwriters – the Complete Music Update for the complete music community. CMU is read by over 25,000 music people every day via the CMU Daily bulletin, and an additional 100,000+ music makers and music fans every month via completemusicupdate.com.


    Eleven offers commercial and strategic advisory services to companies engaging, disrupting and monetising digital media, film and audio visual, music and audio, sport, brands, technology and everything converging in between. Eleven’s ecosystem of trusted partners and collaborators allow Eleven to provide solutions focussed services in a seamless fashion. Eleven’s thinking, models for reward and solutions are engaging, flexible and allow their team to get involved at any time, from the inception of an idea until its delivery and implementation.

    MediaTainment Finance

    MediaTainment Finance, which is targeted at media-and-entertainment decision-makers, investors, as well as technology and creative start-ups, launched only in April 2011. Yet, it is already acquiring a reputation for its analyses of financial investments in various creative sectors, and the copyright legislation that needs to keep up with the rapidly evolving digital media.
    Excerpts from MediaTainment Finance articles have been published in Social Gaming: Opportunities for Gaming Operators, the new business book about the international online-gaming industry published by SBG Companies Ltd.
    For authoritative coverage of the new money in media and entertainment, read MediaTainment Finance to learn what is happening financially when, why, how and by whom.


    Midem, the leading event of the international music community, will take place in Cannes from the 4th to the 7th of June 2019. It gathers, connects, and accompanies its participants in their desire to exchange and create the future of music. During 4 days of conferences, concerts and networking; creators, innovating digital companies, brands and talents get together to enrich the passionate relationship between creators and users, and develop new partnerships.
    Midem has been a pioneer in music tech and has strongly helped the music community to embrace new technologies. Now, innovation is at the heart of the industry and is key to the success of the music business. That is why Midem has designed a dedicated competition and programmes to encourage the discovery of new solutions and to share learning about the music tech sector. Our objective is also to develop networking between tech entrepreneurs and the global music ecosystem.
    All startups coming to Midem this year will have the opportunity to join a dedicated programme to get practical knowledge on entrepreneurship and fundraising in music tech, get inspiration from other music entrepreneurs and feedback on their solutions, and meet the relevant people to boost their development.
    More information at midem.com

    TBD Conference

    2Pears are TBD partners!
    TBD is the thinking person's conference who need something more than the usual... The theme this year is 'Risk/Reward' with execs from Twitter to ethical hackers, Royal Marines to HSBC it's sure to be another memorable day. TBD isn't your usual conference thanks to its unique stage and format. It's your personal and professional reset. 2Pears have a special 50% discount code for our members. Spaces are limited so grab yours today.

    Vertigo Media

    The soundtrack of your life is no longer limited to static playlists or your imagination. Our patented technology empowers you to invite your friends, your followers or the world to share in every moment of your life in a new way - one where they can listen to your curated songs beat-for-beat while you layer in live video, audio and chat. Orchestrate an immersive experience, or simply sit back and listen together. How you vibe is up to you, we just amplify the connection.
    To get started, just link your Apple Music or Spotify Premium account. Once you're connected, you can live-stream your workout with your go-to soundtrack, get in the headphones of your favorite players' warm-up playlists or get the inside story behind your favorite songs directly from the artists you love.
  • Past Events

    Here you can find information on previously held MME 4.5 seminars

    MME 4.5 New Content Formats

    10 July 2019, London

    Content formats are changing to cater to new tastes and attention spans while engagement is becoming the key metric to measure success as millennials and digital natives demand new rules of engagement with content and entertainment. Download agenda 

    MME 4.5 The New Influencer Ecosystem

    5 March 2019, London

    MME 4.5 The new influencer ecosystem: unsigned artists, e-sports and gaming, fashion, foodies, and vlogging…more than just YouTube! Download agenda

    MME 4.5 The Attention Economy

    20 November 2018, London

    Music, Media & Entertainment 4.5 The Attention Economy - the (constant) content battle for attention. Download agenda

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